Cleaning your XXL Caps: The Ultimate Guide

The Ultimate Guide: Cleaning your XXL Caps

We're about to ask the question you've probably been pondering your whole life... how best to clean my XXL Caps? As Big Bear Headwear specialise in Big hats for Big heads we thought it was important to provide this helpful guide so your XXL caps look fresh all year round. 

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Firstly it's important for us to say that we want you to get the most wear from your hat, so you need to be taking good care of your XXL caps. Mother Nature is a cruel beast; sun, rain, wind and snow will all impact your XXL caps look overtime. And let's not forget sweat. No one likes sweat, especially your big hat. 


A sweaty man with a big head


But don't worry as there are a few things we can do to keep your XXL caps looking their best. 

It's best to avoid biological washing liquids, powders & pods and any cleaning liquids that contains chlorine. If used, these products, over time will accelerate your hat looking tired and worn.  

We'd also suggest taking care if you're planning on wearing your big hat on the beach and doing some paddling in the salty sea. We've been in this situation on holiday, wearing our big hat all day, and before you know it the black isn't as black as it use to be. Take our advice and don't wear your big hat in the sea. 


Don't take your big hat in the sea.


So, if you want to clean your XXL cap what should you do? Here's some suggestions:

  • First step would be to use a lint roller to remove any dust particles, hair strands and general fluff. If you don't have a lint roller, use some cello tape wrapped round your fingers and dab the XXL hat.
  • The lint roller may well be enough to give your hat a fresher look. If that's the case leave it there and have a rest.
  • If you need to clean you big hat a bit more we suggest hand washing only. This is a far more gentler process than using a washing machine. 
  • Make sure the water is cold. Again, it's gentler on the big hat but also on your energy bill!
  • Most big hats won't be dirty enough to require using soap but if yours is particularly dirty, then use a mild detergent that states it protects colours.  
  • When washing, try not to soak the peak too much as this may cause damage. 
  • Use a soft brush to scrub the hat clean. Again, be gentle.
  • When drying, let the big cap dry naturally. Do not use a tumble dryer, instead use a towel to pat it dry and then leave on a drying rack to complete the drying process. 

And there you have it. You've got a fresher, cleaner and unbearlievable looking XXL Cap. 


Two guys wearing XXL caps



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