Top 6 Nicknames For Someone With A Big Head

Why settle for just calling them "Big Head"?

Most people we know use nicknames for friends and family. They can be used to show affection or to playfully make fun of someone. We have friends that, for years, we only knew by their nicknames. Don't worry we eventually found out their government names; we think their nicknames were better!


So we thought as we specialise in selling XXL caps, buckets and beanies for people with big heads, why not provide our top 6 nicknames for someone with a big head. 


These nicknames are meant as a bit of light hearted fun so if you're likely to get offended easily, leave now. 


Let's face it, we all know someone with a head that seems to defy the laws of gravity. It's not just big, it's massive! But why settle for the mundane and unimaginative nickname of "Big Head" when there are so many more creative options out there? Here are the top 6 nicknames for someone with a big head that will make them chuckle (and maybe even embrace their unique cranial proportions).

Read on to the end to find a bonus nickname which is very personal to us at Big Bear Headwear. 

1. The Melon Mastermind

When it comes to brains, this person has it all figured out. Their oversized cranium houses a mind that is as sharp as a tack. They are the mastermind behind every plan and the go-to person for solving complex problems. So why not give them a nickname that reflects their intellectual prowess? Introducing, "The Melon Mastermind"!

2. The Noggin Ninja

With a head that big, you might think they would be an easy target in a game of dodgeball. But think again! This person has mastered the art of dodging and weaving, using their oversized noggin to their advantage. They are the Noggin Ninja, effortlessly ducking and diving to avoid any potential head-on collisions.

3. The Dome Dynamo

When it comes to headwear, this person has it all. Hats, helmets, beanies – you name it, they've worn it. Their head is like a magnet for any type of headgear, and they wear it with style and confidence. They are the Dome Dynamo, turning heads wherever they go with their impressive collection of head accessories. Obviously all purchased through Big Bear Headwear of course...

4. The Cranium Commander

With a head that big, it's no wonder this person has become the leader of the pack. They have a commanding presence that demands attention and respect. Their cranium is like a crown, symbolising their authority and wisdom. They are the Cranium Commander, ruling over their domain with grace and intelligence.

5. The Head Honcho

When it comes to big heads, this person is the ultimate authority. They are the Head Honcho, the top dog, the big cheese. Their head is not just big, it's legendary. People look up to them (literally) and admire their larger-than-life presence. They are the undisputed leader of the big-headed pack.

6. The Cranial Connoisseur

For this person, having a big head is not just a physical attribute – it's a lifestyle. They appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of their cranial proportions. They are the Cranial Connoisseur, embracing their big-headedness with pride and confidence. They are a true connoisseur of all things cranial, from head massages to custom-made hats.


7. Bonus Nickname - 5 Head

This nickname is very personal to us as it was given to one of our founders by his friends. The nickname came from the fact that our founder had a big forehead as well as a big head. So his friends, very cleverly, came up with the nickname 5 head because our founders forehead is slightly bigger than normal. Do you get it? 


So, the next time you encounter someone with a big head, don't settle for the ordinary. Use one of these quirky and humorous nicknames to bring a smile to their face and celebrate their larger-than-life personality. After all, life is too short to be taken too seriously, especially when it comes to big heads!

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