Our Top 5 Reasons To Wear A Hat On Your Big Head In The UK

Our Top 5 Reasons To Wear A Hat On Your Big Head In The UK

Hats or caps, whatever you want to call them, aren't just fashion accessories. They also provide an important function in protecting that big dome of yours. So read on to find out our top 5 reasons on why your should wear a hat on your big head in the UK.

 Big Hats for Big Heads

1. Helps protects your from ageing too fast

Hats help protect your head from the sun rays. Even on a cloudy day the suns rays can still damage your skin. The skin on our face and head is extremely sensitive to all types of weather. The more times we expose it to the sun, bigger the chances are that you will develop wrinkles and liver spots early. You eyes also need protection from the sun as well. And so even if you're wearing sunglasses, our hats add another layer of protection to your big head. 

Just to be clear though our hats aren't miracle workers. So you'll still need to stay well hydrated, get decent sleep and ease off the alcohol and fatty foods to help your skin stay alas well.

Hats for Big Heads


2. Confront bad weather in style

Our hats are the pawfect accessory to help you brave the unpredictable UK weather. Our beanie hats are pawfect to help you battle the cold winter months. Keeping your big head warm. While our baseball and bucket hats are the stylish accessory you need to protect yourself from sun.

PSA - You will need to wear other clothes as well to help battle the weather in the UK.

 Hats for Big Heads UK


3. An unbearlievable way to complete you outfit

No matter the occasion our hats will help complete that every day look. Whether it's walking the dog wearing our baseball cap. Sledging on a bin lid in the winter wouldn't be complete without our beanie. And don't forget if you're going to a festival in the summer, you'll need our bucket hat to give you 360 protection from that sun. No one wants a hangover and sunstroke at the same time. 

You could even wear our baseball hat while travelling to the office. However we wouldn't recommend wearing it for an interview. Unless you're interviewing at Big Bear Headwear; then it's welcomed. 

Big Hats for Big Heads UK


4. Having a bad hair day or no hair at all?

Haven't had a chance to wash your hair? Can't get that combover you're looking for? We've got you covered. Put one of our hats on and it's as if all your hair problems have gone. No one will know. 

Just remember if you take the hat off, you haven't done your hair. 

Also if you haven't got any hair; then our hats are going to given the best protection to the smooth big head of yours. 

 Hats for Big Heads


 5. Boosts your confidence

Now I'm not sure if there is any scientific studies behind this. But throwing one of our hats on your big head will give your confidence a boost. If you've got a big head then you'll know the pain of wearing a hat that is too small. Having red marks and headaches from it. With our Big Bear hats, because they fit your big head properly, you'll feel more confident knowing they look great on you. 

XXL caps



I'm sure there are many other reasons why people wear hats. But we felt these 5 were our top ones. 

Don't forget that if you need a hat to help protect your big head; then you've found the right place. 

Big Bear Headwear - Hats for Big Heads 

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